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Only 1 Month of Winter to Go!

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

A Guide for Getting to Galena during the Ides of March

Or Until Spring has Sprung

So the snow is melting but the excitement of those first spring ephemerals is yet to come.

The land looks brown and cold. The sky is a dull grey. The wind is so strong and cold that some days all you can do is scurry from the house to car to work and back to car and then to house. Winter continues… Or does it?

Slowly but surely daylight is increasing. Come mid-February each day will increase by 3 minutes. While the outdoor activities of winter might not be as appealing with out freshly fallen snow there is still abundant joy to be found on these grey days of late February and March.


Book a short term rental midweek and tell everyone you have a "conference" to attend.

Seriously. This is the time of year to put some time aside for yourself.

Most short term rentals are happy to host midweek and have flexible check - in and check - out times. It's the off season in Galena. There is no better time to relax, dine in or carry out, and just chill in a new place. You have more than likely been looking at the same walls of your own home in and day out the past 4 months... so why not change it up? Just a simple getaway to a new place can feel rejuvenating and dare I say; fun!

This is the practical implementation of my recommendation. It is simple.

First, assess your calendar. Look for 2 nights between a Monday - Thursday that

a). you can throw some stuff and kids and partner into the car or b). if you are flying solo throw some stuff and yourself or a friend into the car

Second. Call it a conference for self development. Let your co-workers and extended family know you are really excited to attend this 3 day conference you found online. You can call it "Circle of Stones; A Conference for Reconnecting" Or use your own creative flair and name it as you see fit.

Block the dates on your calendar and book a short term rental. The Aspen House is my personal recommendation. (Obviously I am biased…you can book with this link)

Third. Alert any other adult that may be affected by your absence about your exciting conference.

Fourth. The day before said date; pack some clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. Make sure you have directions to the short term rental and check - in details. On your way stop for some groceries, the basics.

Fifth and Finally. Voila! Be sure to take a few moments to revel in your new space and your cleverness.

Are you feeling empowered yet?

Now it’s time for you to start applying what you have begun to master.

You have learned to take care of yourself. You have learned 3 practical steps toward self care and relaxation in this last month of winter. I have offered my house as an escape.

If you need any other resources for your getaway to Galena be sure to check the always helpful website

Pictured above:

Elizabeth's Grand Antiques, Clouds and Sunshine, The Aspen House: place to relax

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